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Debt collection tools

Effectiveness of our management... guarantee of a satisfactory return

Choosing Overland to secure and maintain your revenue brings significant advantages.

Our business expertise combined with new technologies guarantees you a proactive high-end service, a key solution for the management of trade accounts and recovery of debts.


Advanced debt recovery software

With its debt recovery software (multi-company debt and multi-debt software), Overland effectively manages your receivables and provides you with an efficient and optimum solution for rapid recovery.


Customer extranet

To be consistent with our logic of interactivity, Overland has created an Extranet site at the service of its clients.

In constant liaison with our legal teams, your customer space enables you to be informed of the progress made in your file on D+1. This interface confers on our partnerships the proximity and responsiveness that are necessary for properly carrying out your recovery actions.


Electronic Document Management (EDM)

The dematerialization of documents consists of their systematic digitization. With our regular safeguards, your documents are carefully archived and usable at any time.

This method guarantees :

  • Security : No risk that your documents will be lost; regular safeguards on our servers.
  • Reliability : Digitization enables our legal teams to have continuous access to your originals, which guarantees a recovery process that is effective and efficient.


Overcash : Trade Receivables Management Software

This software consolidates all of your customer, accounting and extra-accounting data for pertinent automated reminders and proactive management of disputes.

  • Accounting : Incoming payments, lettering...
  • Commercial management : Orders, issuance and sending of invoices, outstanding trade debts...
  • CRM (Customers Relationship Management) : Management of dispute, preventive and amicable reminders ...


Report One

This tool provides you with key indicators specifically tailored to your particular needs.


An essential tool : a cutting-edge technology phone system

systeme telephonie recouvrement creances

In order to improve its performances, Overland is always trying to find the most accurate tools to optimize the efficiency of our reminders.

Therefore, the company equipped our account managers with a new state of the art phone system directly linked to our ERP : it manages all the incoming and outgoing calls but also allows many operations :

  • Click-to-call options allows our account manager to generate a call on a simple click directly from the debtor’s file
  • Our agents are systematically warned when there is a new incoming call
  • A call back system generates a recall of any debtor who may have hung up before one of our agents was able to answer him : no more lost calls !

Synchronized with our operating system, it allows all the adjustments : massive calls campaigns, voicemails, text messages…  in order to have the best scenario for your case.


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