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Receivable Outsourcing services

Account receivable management and reminder

In an economic environment where margins are clearly declining and times for payment are extended, management of your Working Capital Requirement is an imperative.

Overland has developed a solution to assist you in the management of your trade receivables in order to accelerate your operating cash flow, reduce your DSO and improve the financial image of your business with your partners.

Management of your trade receivables by Overland: A solution tailored to your particular needs.

It is possible to begin our collaboration at any stage of our offer and to progressively adapt it to your needs :

  • Clearing of balances
  • Partial outsourcing of your trade receivables
  • Total outsourcing

We work on the basis of your business models, pursuant to your procedures, with respect for your image, and on your behalf.

Overland is equipped with a software for Receivables Management called Overcash, which consolidates customer, accounting and extra-accounting data.

Overcash is a dynamic and intelligent software containing an Expert System -- a tool that manages various situations and problems encountered throughout the process of dunning debtors for payment, pursuant to adapted dunning scenarios.

Your benefits


Reduce late payment

Through our accounts receivable management software, we are able to send reminders on invoices before the due date (which prevents your customer to mention a possible dispute afterwards) and also after the due date. All reminders can be done under your name and under your own processes. After a few months, we can observe good results with a reduction of your DSO.

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Proactive dispute management

Customer disputes are the main reasons for delay of payment. Those disputes are highlighted through strategic and adapted reminders scenario. There are 3 mains disputes category: fake dispute, administrative dispute, good disputes related.

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Provision of up-to-date Dashboards

We are able to provide you with up-to-date dashboard in order to give a crystal clear sight on your outstanding receivables and your DSO.

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