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Reduction in times for payment and improvement in customer relationship

reduce payment delays

The management of trade accounts through issuance of invoice reminders prior to and after the due date, enables :

  • improvement in the monitoring of your trade accounts,
  • anticipation of late payments by identifying any possible disputes,
  • acceleration in the payments and inflows of cash from your customers.

A rationalization of tasks, in compliance with your procedures, reduces the times for payment to the extent possible, thus, reducing the DSO and improving the operating capital :

  • Monitoring of accounts according to planned agendas
  • Preventive and curative management : letters, emails, warnings
  • Sending of account statements, and duplicates upon request, on scheduled dates
  • Preparation of payment schedules, and taking into account of promises to pay

The efficiency of the dunning process ensures increased productivity and frees the manager from administrative tasks, enabling him to devote his time to the customer relationship :

  • Qualification of accounts and movements for appropriate management
  • Dialogue for customer satisfaction, and taking customer comments into account
  • Listening and action for resolution of disputes

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