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Trade risks solutions

Client risk management

Why protection against customer defaults is important ?

Trade receivables represent an average of nearly 30% of your balance sheet. It is thus essential to be covered against customers' failure to pay their debts.

The management of trade risks has always been a major stake for businesses, regardless of their size. It resides in the definition and implementation of a credit policy that must be monitored with regularity.

With regard to the current international and French economic activity, we see that revenues and margins of businesses are clearly declining. Hence, more and more businesses encounter financial difficulties that accelerate bankruptcies.

As a result, banks are less and less willing to grant credit to businesses.

Our management of trade risks solutions


Credit insurance

Using a trade credit insurance is the solution to prevent your company against default of payment and the insolvability of your customers. There are different types of credit insurance policy: Excess of loss, Top-up insurance...

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Factoring and purchase of receivables

This solution will give you the opportunity to sell your accounts receivable to a third party (the factor) in order to meet your immediate cash requirement due to high working capital requirement or due to an unexpected business growth.

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Comprehensive business report

Overland can provide you with comprehensive business report comprising the complete overall financial overview of your customers or/and your prospects. This is the perfect and indispensable element in your daily decision making process...selling or not selling.

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