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Financial information and analysis

financial information

By way of a summary memorandum, an analysis of the solvency of your portfolio of customers and/or prospects in France and abroad constitutes a primary step in the management of your trade risks. In an international economic environment that is uncertain, with default rates continuously increasing and competition becoming more difficult, Overland assists you in your decision whether to grant credit to a customer upon the placement of an order in France or abroad, as well as in securing payment of your trade receivables.

Overland provides you with a wide range of information services :

  • Legal information
  • An in-depth memorandum addressing your particular situation

We also offer you our services in automatically and instantaneously monitoring your customers, and advising you of any negative information with respect thereto, such as the notification of priority rights or a judicial protection plan.

Your benefits

  • Secure and maintain your revenue
  • Prospect new markets
  • Increase your margins
  • Increase your cash flow

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