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Amicable debt recovery

admicable debt collection

Our initial step is the sending of written reminders, followed by reminders on the telephone to establish a true dialogue with your customer and convince him to make payments to you in first priority. We give serious attention to amicable negotiations and to on-site actions so you can preserve your clientele and avoid legal proceedings that are often costly.

We inform you regularly of :

  • the nature of your debtor's objections (commercial disputes, financial difficulties...)
  • the establishment of a payment schedule and the management thereof
  • the legal and judicial announcements through automatic monitoring of debtors, (judicial administration and liquidation, sale of business....)

Your business capital must be rigorously preserved without affecting your commercial relations; hence, we give priority to the recovery of debts by amicable means.

However, if other steps are necessary and you agree therewith, we are also well-versed in pre-legal and legal actions (orders for payment, procedures for returned cheques, summonses for payment or summonses for urgent proceedings...in coordination with your lawyers and bailiffs) in the management of debt recovery.

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